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12/11/13 by XaVarK
Updated 12/11/13


I'm XaVarK from dA, and now also, XaVarK on NG!!

I got suggested to NG and which to my surprise, did not know about the art section of NG.

Used to play games on NG so I'm like woah!! xD

Nice to meet y'all and hope you'll enjoy browsing through my works.


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Welcome and enjoy your stay or don't i'm not the one to tell you.

12/14/13 XaVarK responds:

Thank you for the welcome



hey there! welcome!

12/14/13 XaVarK responds:

Thank you ^^

Hello there, XaVarK!
Welcome to the site, and I hope you'll gain some good exposure here. I am also using this site as an artistic portal, but also to further my art skills in general.

I did have a peek at your artwork, it looks fantastic!
I'm not scouted yet (haven't submitted enough, haha), but I think you'll get noticed fast.
Also, I've followed you. Take care and I look forward to more of your work! :D

12/14/13 XaVarK responds:

Hello there!
Yeah, I hope it works well and thanks for supporting me with your kind words and following me.